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CHECK OUT  a sneak peek of “Estilene” from my new album, Ain’t Ready for the Grave”!!

The Galaxie Agency Welcomes “Hurricane” Ruth LaMaster

Nashville, TN — The Galaxie Agency, a full-service artist management shop specializing in blues and roots artists, has signed “Hurricane”Ruth LaMaster to its roster.

“We are incredibly excited to have Ruth join our group of artists. She is a powerhouse of soul who gives everything she has when performing or recording.” …..
Gina Hughes

The Back Story………

Ruth and I met a few years ago, in Memphis, TN, during International Blues Challenge. I heard her singing at the Blind Raccoon Showcase. I was drawn in by her powerful voice and her ability to interact with her audience from the stage. (I have always been a fan of some rockin’ Blues.). She always attended The Galaxie Agency Showcase. Her infectious smile and her comradery with the crowd always caught my attention.

Fast Forward 2016 ……..

Again in Memphis, TN during the International Blues Challenge, I was sitting in Rum Boogie Cafe for the late night jam. Ruth sat down beside me and asked if she could give me her new EP. As we were discussing the EP, Ruth mentioned what her dream record would be. I said, “If you will come to Nashville, I will help you do that record.”

Ruth came to Nashville…..not once but several times. We had a heck of a good time and we definitely made a record. Put it on your calendar – March 10, 2017……it’s coming. And in the meantime click the link below for a taste of “Hurricane” Ruth’s new record, “Ain’t Ready For The Grave”, produced by Tom Hambridge.

“Ruth is the real deal,” Hambridge said. “She really brought the goods to the studio. We started with great songs, and have some of the best players around performing with her on her album. I had a blast producing this record, and we are expecting great things from it.”

Along with Hambridge on drums, “Ain’t Ready for the Grave”, features Michael Rhodes on bass, Reese Wynans on keys, Pat Buchanan and Rob McNelley on guitar.


Nashville – Love for Louisiana

New Video

Hurricane Ruth – “Money Train” from Driven Media on Vimeo.

Love for Louisiana


“It’s Gonna Be Epic!”

New album is set to release in March 2017!

So many amazingly talented people have worked on this project!!

I want to make sure this album gets all the attention that it deserves.

Right now I am asking for any help you can give to make sure this happens. Any donation is greatly appreciated, HUGE thanks to all who have already helped!

I will continue sharing every step of this experience, so stay tuned…




New Studio Album - 2017

Batten Down The Hatches

Hurricane Ruth LaMaster has recorded a new album with Grammy award winning producer Tom Hambridge at the helm (set to be released in March 2017). Gina Hughes (The Galaxie Agency) is also on board, as the executive producer. Reese Wynans, Michael Rhodes, Pat Buchanan, and Rob McNelley all contributed their exceptional talent to this project as well. To quote Tom Hambridge, “It’s going to be epic!”

We need your help to get it to the masses. Please take a moment to check out Ruth’s Indiegogo funding campaign.

Many THANKS for your support!


New Studio Album - 2017

Hurricane Ruth’s New Album Project

Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is working on a new album with Grammy award winning producer Tom Hambridge at the helm. Gina Hughes (The Galaxie Agency) is also on board, as the executive producer, to ensure this project is epic!! Please take a moment to check out Ruth’s Indiegogo funding campaign. There are some great perks involved for anyone who would like to be a part of this project. Thanks for your support!

Suncoast Blues Society – 12 Bar Rag reviews Winds of Change

Suncoast Blues Society – 12 Bar Rag

Hurricane Ruth LaMaster “Winds of Change”

Some say Hurricane Ruth LaMaster got her nickname because nobody believed a category five storm could explode out of such a tiny, five-foot-tall-in-her-bare-feet chick. But when you hear her, you’ll definitely believe it. The power she manages to pull out of her gut has its roots all the way down to her toes. This little lady belts it OUT! Not surprisingly, LaMaster’s voice and style have been compared—favorably of course—with such Glory Day powerhouses as Janis Joplin, Big Mama Thornton and Aretha Franklin. Also not surprisingly, the band doing backup on this little (about 16 minutes for the whole set!) gem, is also bursting with power. It sounds a whole lot bigger than an octet but that’s what the jacket numbers add up to.

“I Feel Lucky,” the opening cut, has a walking bass foundation that sounds like the walker, Gary Davis, is wearing size 13 combat boots! As LaMaster says in her promo sheet, “I wanted to come out of the gate strong, and this song does that.” In spades. “Built for Comfort” is an old Willie Dixon standard, a slow rocker that features Frank Huston on guitar. “When a Man Loves a Women” is the Percy Sledge classic to which LaMaster adds her own style and emotion. Winding up this mini set is LaMaster’s take on Delbert McClinton’s good humored, Bourbon Street wailer, “Going Back to Louisiana.” Like the three other cuts on this album, Ruth LaMaster latches on to this one with the claws of an eagle, the heart of a lion, and the soul of a true broad of the blues.

Winds of Change is short and sweet, but it’s also a mighty neat album. If you never heard her before, crank up the amps and check out the online videos of Hurricane Ruth LaMaster.

-Russ Heitz


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